Where to approach me?

Firstly, I want to extend an invitation to approach me directly during one of my classes if you are interested in working together. You can find my teaching schedule through this link.

When to approach me?

Please note that there is already a waiting list for upcoming terms. During our conversation, I can provide you with an indication of when the next term might be available for you.

Our conversation?

In our first conversation, I would also like to discuss the course State of the Art: Current Issues in Accounting, Auditing and Corporate Governance (MA). This is offered every semester. Our discussion will help us to align our goals and expectations for the Master's thesis.

After our conversation?

Following our initial conversation, the next step would be to contact Dr. Angelos Angelakis, who will provide you with the necessary information from our side.

Five Meetings: Kick-off meeting and four meetings on the progress of your thesis

Each term, we hold a kick-off meeting for Master Theses Supervision, which typically takes place in September or February at noon via Zoom. The date and Zoom link will be sent to you in advance. Please ensure you have access to the Zoom link provided on the Moodle page "Sprechstunde Petra Inwinkl". You can contact our secretary for subscription details.

Content of the kick-off meeting:

The kick-off meeting will last approximately 1 hour and will include the following agenda points:

  1. Welcoming and introduction to the setting
  2. Team building and scheduling of team meetings throughout the term (e.g., winter or summer)
  3.  Discussion of potential topics
  4.  Filling in the official master thesis template based on agreed topics
  5.  Submission of the filled-in master thesis template
  6.  Communication guidelines during the supervision process; English is the preferred language
  7. Code of conduct
  8.  Checking of your courses
    1.  Open questions and any other issues you may have

Further important offers for students